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Nopo is your Local Marine Sales and Service Provider in China. Established in 2002, we are familiar with all major ports and shipyards withinthe region. From Shanghai, Ningbo, Dalian, to Tianjing, Our name is trusted and well-known by ship-owners, shipyards, and even our competitors. When you chooseNopo, you can be confident that we are able to assist your marine business every step of the way.


We are authorized service hub of many products and top-end brands. With an abundant amount of spare parts in our warehouse, reparations are almost always carried out immediately and effectively. Depending on duration of berth, we may even send extra engineers onboard to complete a job. All this effort is dedicated to ensure a one-time fix and not delay your vessel.

Annual Performance Testing(APT):

A senior engineer is sent onboard to vigorously follow a checklist of procedures to complete the APT. Extra spare parts are brought onboard in case volatile parts need to be replaced. Only when all systems start to function seamlessly will we conclude the service order with a comprehensive service report.